Market Cap
0.000548275 (-%)
Launch Date
03 June, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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A Safe, Secure, Eco-Friendly, DeFi Cryptocurrency Engineered with the Lowest Trading Fees available as well as Automatic Rewards for Long Term Holders! Not just your average altcoin, YoCoin ($YOCO) is YOUR coin!​ A 100% community driven fair launched Cryptocurrency, ultra fast global payments system, featuring Protocol Static Rewards, with Dynamic DeFi Liquidity. YoCoin is a long-term investment opportunity developed to generate its own interest from low trading fees. Engineered by a small forward-thinking development team for the benefit of the people, it's been future-proofed for safety and success. We aim to be one of the safest long term stores of value! 1% of All Trading Fees are Automatically Redistributed Holders With every transaction on the YoCoin (YOCO) network, 1% is permanently burned from circulation increasing the value of existing coins. 1% is also instantly redistributed to holders. An additional 1% is used for development, advertising, and dynamic liquidity, ensuring long term health and growth of the company and our holders assets. All of this happens without any actions required. Short term trading, or long term investing, the tokenomics just make sense! Built on the Binance Smart Chain YoCoin (YOCO) transcations are instantanious with low fees making it an excellent store and transfer of value. You can send YoCoin in small or large amounts to anyone in the world in seconds. We are different! We are dedicated to serving our community and are available to answer questions around the clock! We help users within limited scope! YoCoin (YOCO) does not have access to your funds or personal information. Keep your private wallet keys safe! YoCoin (YOCO) support will never ask for your keys! Automatic Rewards for Holders Not everyone likes to watch the charts and stress all day. We make it easy for holders as they automatically receive a % of every buy, sell, or other transaction on the network! Rewards are automatic and instant with no staking required. This solves the issue of locking up for finances just in hopes of a better interest rate. Rewards are dependant on network trading activity. The more the network is utilized the more holders will receive! Automatic 1% Burns YoCoin (YOCO) has implemented a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term. This feature slowly reduces the supply making each YoCoin more and more valuable. The current total supply of YoCoin (YOCO) is public information featured on the BSC scan website which allows for further transparency in identifying the current supply, amount of holders, and number of transactions at any given point of time.