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06 July, 2021
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What's World Family Coin? WFC is born to solve a big problems in the context of donations and fund raising on research projects of collective interest encoraged on the safeguard and improvement of human life conditions. The WFC project's target is to implement a global decentralized platform to manage online donations and fundraising that will be managed independently by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) guaranteeing incentives. The WFC platform stands as a digital support center between people in need of economic help and potential economic donors from all over the world and thanks to the introduction of the blockchain that is going to change all the process of donations with guaranteed tracking of every donation made on the WFC platform. Thanks to the WFC platform connected to the blockchain we're going to cut out the third parts that at the moment are managing this donation system and every donor will be sure that his donation will reach his sustained cause. WFC is a new cryptocurrency using peer-to-peer technology so it can operate without central autority or banks; the management of transactions is carried out collectively by the network, making all the process clear and safe.