Market Cap
- (-%)
Launch Date
11 July, 2021
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Willy is a whale, a friendly one. Willy can get bully sometimes, Willy likes to eat dips! Willy Musk is a deflationary meme ERC-20 token When you buy Willy Musk, 25% of the token amount is burnt. When you sell your Willy Musk, 20% of the value (collected in Ethereum) is sent to the friendly whale addresses (1) | (2). On top of that, there is an extra 5% burn. The fees earned in the friendly whale wallets are used for buybacks, marketing, and a small portion to the team to keep developing. In order to not lose (when selling), you need to wait for 100% increase in price from your entry price (read more about the tax structure in out website.)