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13 June, 2021



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Binance Smart Chain: 0xAA5c91F3df88B8B3863d0899bcA33E70482beD2A

Waivlength is a project dedicated to the establishment of a truly connected and authentic social network. We plan to remove the most toxic elements of social media and allow users to interact in a more open and trustworthy environment.

Waivlength has launched on the BSC to act as a future catalyst for our social media integration. The token will act as both an investment and dividend yield for the future profits of the platform.

Waivlength will integrate a KYC framework built on blockchain technology to verify our users. A comprehensive user verification will ensure:

- No duplicate accounts,
- No nameless internet trolls,
- No anonymous users trying to manipulate the social media space in an unsavory way.

Come join us on our journey to a fully transparent social media platform.