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UpCycle is coining a new term, coin-capital, and methodology for funding startups and organizations that support the green mission. There is only one planet Earth. Let’s generate resources aimed at caring for it in ways never before possible. Establishing a DAO will allow UpCycle holders to drive the decision-making on which green ventures to invest in or assets to purchase. This is where significant value is unlocked for holders. UpCycle’s goal is to buy a controlling stake in many green businesses, all chosen by you. Crypto Responsibility UpCycle is a collective of entrepreneurs who believe that life and planet earth are the greatest assets we have. The UpCycle team believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute and make a difference in the fight to keep our oceans and planet clean. The objective is to focus on establishing the right team and meaningful partnerships to ensure we all reach the goal of a cleaner planet. Through their relationships and network of influencers, the plan is to build a significant social footprint that will help to get listed on exchanges like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.