UNIMOON Price: $pre-sale Market Cap: $pre-sale 11 August, 2021 #73 of Votes

If you missed Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Safemoon or anything else don't worry because UNIMOON is the ultmate shit coin killer. And you're here now so enjoy the ride. The road to $1B market cap starts now. 🦄 UNIMOON is the hottest new viral meme coin. An interoperable decentralized digital and social media protocol with DeFi bridging the gap between Web2.0 to Web3.0 for Decentralized Media, DeMe. Why buy and hold UNIMOON? 💡 INNOVATIVE NEW social media apps that will blow your mind with leading tech and solve the adoption issue of cryptocurrency (UNIMOON is making it as easy as taking a picture and uploading it on our app to earn crypto) 🍉NEW LINE OF PRODUCTS "uMOON” - Social Media Mobile App, "uLIVE” - Streaming App, UNIMOON Mobile Wallet, & NFTs, 🔥DEFLATIONARY SUPPLY Our supply will decrease forever making each UNIMOON more rare and more valuable everyday 💙CHARITABLE We help fight the leading global issues of the world 🍑HUGE ASS CELEBRITIES & MASSIVE MARKETING $UNIMOON is associated with many top tier celebrities and influencers ♻️100% SAFE Powered by the assets of $UNIMOON around the world. 💰TRANSACTION BREAKDOWN ⚙️ -10% total transaction fee 💲3% AUTO MAGIC FARMING (true passive income) 🔋3% CHARITY WALLET (good for humanity and our planet) 💥3% AUTO MAGIC LIQUIDITY POOL (Higher price floor and increase liquidity) 🔥 1% BURNED FOREVER