Uluru Finance

ULU Price: $0.00000000005683 Market Cap: $42,286 06 June, 2021 #568 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x0acc42f8a73cc2dc3fc5ab8e0eb0bd0da1c89644

ULURU is a long-term charity (BEP20) token with the aim of raising money to help the wildlife of Australia. It is a deflationary anti-whale token with locked liquidity for 6 months after launch, that gives back to its supporters and also regularly donates to nature protection and animal care. We are a dedicated team of eco-conscious people who aim for tangible change by creating a lasting project. Our vision is to build a great community of environmentally friendly and animal loving people. We did not want a simple meme coin, but a token that can make a significant difference and gives a real benefit to its investors.

Walmu Peter 5 month(s) ago

I found this token on reddit. Amazing team and very legit. +1

Cool_2Besouthern 6 month(s) ago

Definitely a long term token! Very respectful & knowledgeable team.

Krethys 6 month(s) ago

Checking this one out, so far it looks legit, liq is indeed locked up, dev wallet not really that active as they stated in whitepaper. Gonna throw some at this low mcap gem probably

Krethys 6 month(s) ago

Checking this one out and seeing if legit, it's still super early into their birth it seems.

Gabriel Panthy 6 month(s) ago

I'm in the telegram group every admin are very kind and helpful. This kind of token is very rare in the market NOT A SCAM :)

Hallo Peet 6 month(s) ago

Transparent team :) I like the 4K promotion video :)

Alex Mondom 6 month(s) ago

looks like a legit project