Market Cap
0.000000031 (-%)
Launch Date
17 June, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
Telegram Share (🚀BOOST)

Started as a meme cryptocurrency, Ugly Inu aims to leverage the immense growth potential of meme tokens to create a decentralized business in an industry full of large centralized companies. Ugly Inu is backed by a large team of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers who have been working on this project idea for over a year. After gathering enough market data, we found that by using blockchain technologies, we could develop an equivalent platform that current market operators have, with reduced operational costs of up to -75%. That will give Ugly Inu a huge cost advantage over current competitors. The consumers of this industry will pay much less for the same services and will even be incentivized to use the platform. Our decentralized investors/shareholders will be part of an innovative venture and would be compensated with 1% of each transaction made on the platform.
Ugly's goal is to enter this industry by building a platform that processes over 500 Million transactions.