Market Cap
- (-%)
Launch Date
20 November, 2021
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The Tsar Network is the world’s first blockchain platform with a drag-n-drop contract builder — a visual environment to easily design blockchain applications that reduce complexity and slash deployment time to accelerate blockchain proliferation in everyday life.

85x Your $500 in 7 Days with a
Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV
1 entry for investors at every 500 invested
1 entry for ambassadors at every 500 invested by referee
Multiples of 500, more entries

Passive Income
4% on all buy transactions
8% on all sell transactions
50% of all platform revenue as dividends for life

Accumulate Free TSAR Tokens
No money for ICO? No problem. Grab ambassador code and keep getting 5% of each token purchase your friends do at ICO - no limits.

Seed Round 29-Oct to 07-Nov
@ $0.00125

Pre-sale 12-Nov to 19-Nov
@ $0.00150

DEX Launch 22-Nov
@ $0.00200