TMCS Price: $0.1 Market Cap: $1000000 15 April, 2021 #84 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0xe06dd180198bf1ec492a8d0981e1a3841c4465b4

[Forwarded from Javier Joseph] What is TokenMarketCap? TokenMarketCap is another AMM / DeFi Applications that allows users to exchange tokens, provide liquidity and earn fees, and engage in farming. TMCS is built on Binance Smart Chain Considering its position in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, TokenMarketCap can be seen as the Uniswap, PancakeSwap, JulSwap of the BSC network. What can you do on TokenMarketCap? TokenMarketCap can be used to trade BEP20 tokens and earn cryptocurrencies through staking and providing liquidity. FEATURES TokenMarketCap has many Features, it comprises of the most prominent features in the market. You can do the following on TokenMarketCap. 1. Trade BEP20 tokens. 2. Provide liquidity to the exchange and earn fees. 3. Stake your LP (liquidity provider) tokens to earn TMCS token. 4. Stake TMCS earn more TMCS. 5. Stake TMCS to earn tokens of other projects.

Madhu Mondal 4 month(s) ago

Great project

Md.khalilur Rahman 4 month(s) ago

A nice project worth listing in any credible exchange. TMCS to the mooon

Haqkish 4 month(s) ago

Terimakasih TMC , ini adalah sebuah dunia baru.

Muhammad Najad 4 month(s) ago

TMCS project is amazing, hopefully it will be a coin that brings success to every people. #TMCS to the moon!

Srinathm 4 month(s) ago

A great project to look up.

Ardi Yulistyanto 4 month(s) ago

good project

Balaye Emmanuel 4 month(s) ago

A nice project worth listing in any credible exchange. TMCS to the mooon.

Andy66 4 month(s) ago

Awesome and strong projects