THUNDERCAKE Price: $0.00001851851852 Market Cap: $934,105 06 August, 2021 #12944 of Votes

ThunderCake is world 1st double reward reflection token using the power of 80/20: 80% invest for now and mid term, 20% for long term future. Just hold ThunderCake to earn 8% CAKE and 2% THOREUM, a highly potential x100 token, each transaction, automatically every 60 minutes.

Harry Beat 3 month(s) ago

Thundercake my best coin

Goyan 3 month(s) ago

To the moon

Giovani Galindo Da Silva 3 month(s) ago

Good project

Terrence Harry 3 month(s) ago

Thundercake, another token in the Thoreum ecosystem. Crazy good!

Bjorn 3 month(s) ago

Good project with Nice twin reflections !

Neizer 4 month(s) ago

nice project!

Kennyouvote 4 month(s) ago

Coins of all coins,king of tokens on bcs this coin....

Tran Thao 4 month(s) ago

Good token

Kamgo Colbert 4 month(s) ago

Très bon projet

Terrence Harry 4 month(s) ago

Already earned half cake equal to my investment. crazy investment!! and of course, a little thoreum on the side.

Cryptominer 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Angel 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Utsho 4 month(s) ago

Good project manager