ThunderBNB Price: $0 Market Cap: $0 16 August, 2021 #15346 of Votes

⚡️ThunderBNB is a unique 💰💰Double Reward Reflection Token using the Power of 80/20: 80% invest for now & mid term, 20% for long-term future. Just 💪hold ThunderBNB to earn 2️⃣0️⃣% BNB (8% from buy + 12% from sell) and 5️⃣% THOREUM (2% from buy+ 3% from sell), a long-term x1000 token, every buy & sell transaction, automatically every 60 minutes. 🌐 Tokenomics: 💵 10% Holders Reflections: 8% BNB (short term x2 & mid term x5) + 2% Thoreum (long term x1000) 💰 4% Marketing and Development Fund 🛡 2% auto buy back & burn ThunderCake 🛡 2% auto buy back & burn ThunderBNB 🛡 Sell fee = 1.5x Buy fee

Badmet 15 day(s) ago

Good project

Clauber Pires 2 month(s) ago

great project, it has everything to have no limits!!!! The moon is just the beginning!

Israel Nr 2 month(s) ago

Moonn soonn <3

Kylee Carrt 2 month(s) ago

great project guys

Nibyron 2 month(s) ago

Great project, promising, I look forward to launching it.

Maxim Gaines 2 month(s) ago

Thoreum is the reward token and it is mooning, why? Just study Thor's Thunder, the buyback fund has close to 2 MILLION USD in its reserves. Also, this is not its first ITO.

Mike Roland 2 month(s) ago

Good project, amazing community and solid team !