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16 August, 2021



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⚡️ThunderBNB is a unique 💰💰Double Reward Reflection Token using the Power of 80/20: 80% invest for now & mid term, 20% for long-term future. Just 💪hold ThunderBNB to earn 2️⃣0️⃣% BNB (8% from buy + 12% from sell) and 5️⃣% THOREUM (2% from buy+ 3% from sell), a long-term x1000 token, every buy & sell transaction, automatically every 60 minutes. 🌐 Tokenomics: 💵 10% Holders Reflections: 8% BNB (short term x2 & mid term x5) + 2% Thoreum (long term x1000) 💰 4% Marketing and Development Fund 🛡 2% auto buy back & burn ThunderCake 🛡 2% auto buy back & burn ThunderBNB 🛡 Sell fee = 1.5x Buy fee


gooood project

Rm Noorchasan

Token to the moon


Good project

Clauber Pires

great project, it has everything to have no limits!!!! The moon is just the beginning!

Israel Nr

Moonn soonn <3

Kylee Carrt

great project guys


Great project, promising, I look forward to launching it.

Maxim Gaines

Thoreum is the reward token and it is mooning, why? Just study Thor's Thunder, the buyback fund has close to 2 MILLION USD in its reserves. Also, this is not its first ITO.

Mike Roland

Good project, amazing community and solid team !