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SMOGA Space is a decentralised blockchain-based platform representing the modern fashion brand SMOGA is a community-driven DeFi token that allows wear-to-earn passive income to holders SMOGA NFTs are wearing digital collectibles that can be exchanged for real-world clothing SMOGA MISSION Globally, we act within a certain paradigm of making the world better through our system of values (personal inner morality). Even though correcting this system appears to be quite a task, It is highly important not only to us but to the humanity in general.According to this concept, Smoga may be seen as some sort of beacon for people that helps to find a way to evolve their conscience via informal clothing that reeks of creativity and unconventional thinking beyond any possible perception or even illusions.Generally speaking, immersing into the philosophy of a brand or a visual idea, one faces a deep willing to make the world a better place.We drag humanity to the bright side of spiritual enlightenment.