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28 February, 2022
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Sly.MX is a free, universal email inbox service for blockchain addresses. It enables off-chain communication and interaction between on-chain entities such as cryptocurrency wallets, hashes, and token addresses. Add or to the end of any decentralized address or transaction hash and use it as an email address for receiving associated messages and files, without divulging your personal email or identity. Inboxes are accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device via the universal web app (Sly.MX) or Android app. RECEIVE. DOWNLOAD. DELETE. REPEAT. NOTE 1: Primary field 'Username' operates as a search field, offering full transparency and ad-hoc public visibility into communications and content shared on this platform. NOTE 2: Our Android app currently only supports downloading attachments. To download email messages (in EML format), access your inbox through our web app at Sly.MX or Foxx.ML. Use your Sly address ( or to communicate with wallet owners, cryptocurrency investors, and other nodes across decentralized ecosystems while keeping all the critical components of your digital identity protected. ======= DISCLAIMER: Sly.MX and the Tronscend Foundation is not legally responsible for the content shared through this open and public platform. Please use responsibly. WARNING: Please do not use Sly.MX to receive sensitive material. Platform misuse and reported incidences will result in a temporary or permanent IP ban. ============== * An inbox with spam, begets more spam... * The communication platforms we trust are in the business of storing, analyzing and sharing our information in more ways than one. Today, it is easier than ever for spammers and scammers to use web scrapers and email extractors to compile lists of email addresses to be exploited for gains. If your personal email is exposed on the internet, there is a high chance that it could end up on at least one of these mass-mailing lists, or in the hands of spammers, phishers and data vendors. Once your digital identity is compromised, you can expect to be spending more of your time sorting through junk, reporting spam, and blocking suspicious senders... _______ ENTER Sly.MX Venture the Web like a Fox -- Sly, subtle, inconspicuous. Use Sly.MX temporary email addresses to interact with suspicious websites and internet entities without them knowing who you really are. 😏 _______ Why Use SlyFox Mail? Anytime, Anywhere Access -- Sly inboxes are synchronized and accessible across multiple devices. This feature makes it possible to use the platform for transferring files quickly from one device to another -- simply send the file to your Sly inbox and download it from anywhere! Encrypted Mail Exchange -- Inbound email is encrypted with S/Mime and handled by SSL secured Zoho Mail servers. The S/Mime protocol encapsulates and encrypts email messages using our public keys. Persistent Auditable Inboxes -- Cookies retain your previously used Sly email addresses for quick access at a later time. No longer need an inbox? Click 'Delete' to burn it. (Inbox content is retained and can be accessed by recreating the inbox.) Discrete, Minimalist UX -- No signup, verification or login. Add or to any crypto address and start receiving wallet-related mail within seconds! ======= Stay Safe, #StaySly 😏🦊 SlyFox Team TW / TG / IG --- @slydotmx