Skyrocket Finance

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25 June, 2021



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Binance Smart Chain: 0xa08e69625b1646030c2f68cdf774f9840d9cd1c4

Skyrocket Finance is an incubator based on Binance Smart chain with innovative product yet-to-launch, where community gets rewarded with ecosystem token (SKYR). Our focus is to build innovative DeFi products for BSC and support fair launches for the community. Skyrocket Finance (SKYR) is a project of such that creates an ecosystem underpinned by sustainable yield and liquidity generation protocol to generate sustainable income to its members. Sustainable yield and liquidity generation protocol works by applying 10% fee for each transaction and instantly splitting that fee by burning 5% on each transaction being carried out also has a limit that a holder can only hold 1,000,000 SKYR tokens.