Shiba X

SX2 Price: $$0.00000000673722 Market Cap: $$674 06 August, 2021 #2 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x0D05290a6f57Fe4d43B353270e9b5cE8C2a41c2A

Floki the Shiba Inu has been travelling the universe in his Falcon 9 Spaceship in search of good memes and DeFi projects. During Floki's travels, he has made many new friends, and the culmination of his experience, research and networks formed has resulted in the creation of Shiba X. A meme-token that aims to be more than just another meme token. Shiba X is built on the Binance Smart Chain and employs the following features: Automatic Dividends Auto-Liquidity Generating Anti-whale mechanism Fair Launch and LP Tokens Burn