SAPA Price: $0.00000000000119013 Market Cap: $1,114 22 June, 2021 #151 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x86ca0a85c5b8db03a6f4273fe26c1f865d1a0228

SAPA token is a community project managed by a team of developers and community enthusiasts coming together to develop a Cryptocurrency that works for you, helps you increase your tokens over time. SAPA Token's main goal is to fill the ever-increasing void that has been made subsequent to the inadequacies in eradicating poverty in Africa by making impactful donations in charity homes across the underdeveloped parts of Africa. SAPA token strives to provide fairness and transparency to the online community by developing a successful platform while bringing blockchain to millions of people especially in Africa. SAPA token is a deflationary cryptocurrency, that simplifies investing and rewards holders with every transaction.

Obinna Chukwu 1 month(s) ago

Up up we go

Josh Carter 3 month(s) ago

WE OFF????????????

Donny Permana 3 month(s) ago

Sapa going to the moon

Ismail 4 month(s) ago

the next 100x gem

Ade Husen 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Djurica Stankov 4 month(s) ago

Great project :)

Ary Lina Saputra 4 month(s) ago

This good project

Aries 4 month(s) ago

To the moon