Market Cap
0.000000214 (-%)
Launch Date
18 August, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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If you've found yourself on this token sale then you've cooked it... you've spent your life chasing half cut shit coins that have left you limp dicked when it was go-time with the Mrs. That's no way to live. SafeCoke is the purest, cleanest meme coin on the BSC. Each week the best drug-inspired memes cooked up in the lab are rewarded $COKE to snowball your addiction. 1% of every tx is donated to drug abuse survivor charities. 2% of $COKE is given back to holders to reflect on their addiction. 2% of BNB from each TX will be hurled back into the liquidity pool. For once in your life, invest in a shitcoin that makes a difference. Team liquidity and private investors will have their wallets locked post-launch. Don't throw your life savings into $COKE if you can't feed your kids, you munted galahs.