Market Cap
0.000001573 ↑ (54,184.23%)
Launch Date
07 July, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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Sabertooth is the 4th generation of Automated Market Making decentralized exchange with a deflationary governance token model. Moreover, Sabertooth is a yield farming project with Lottery and NFT gaming. This project aims to integrate farming experience with blockchain games in a way that it will reward players. Recently we are aware of frequent flash-loan attacks on Binance Smart Chain network. While the team has taken extra caution reviewing our contract code base in-depth and consulted multiple professional security agencies, we have enforced the following to ensure safety of our contracts.‌ We have prevented contracts calling our contracts in our code, which will essentially eliminate the possibility of flash-loan attack because attackers have to call our contract using his/her own contract. We are considering using delayed price feed and multiple price Oracle. Anti-Whale feature has led to some bugs in terms of harvesting in some projects, but our contract is fixed and does not contain this bug. Sabertooth is inherited with unique features from old generation yield farm and toward a stable business model: Yield Farming Vaults Ancient AMM Lottery Game NFT Game Automatic Liquidity and Burning Harvest Lockup Anti Whale Deposit Fee Redistribution Referral Program