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19 December, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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RevolWave is a nonprofit-based music streaming platform created to distribute financial equality to content creators. REVOLWave provides an ecosystem that allows artists to immediately get paid magnitudes more than they currently receive for their streamed content, while giving users and artists the opportunity to curate and showcase their own metaverse community, level up through interaction, and introduce dapps. RevolWave aims to provide the highest quality music and arts streaming platform for the benefit of artists' ecosystems in the extended reality metaverse. RevolWave is a decentralized platform that allows full control for artists of all mediums to come together and cross collaborate while independently monetizing their content amongst themselves. It allows artists, distributors, and listeners to all take part in the play-to-earn ecosystem. The platform will consist of a streaming server linked to a smart contract facilitating the music subscription service. This allows artists to easily sign-up and enter the marketplace with all middlemen and barriers (that we see in current networks) removed. Gatekeeping services will be provided to communities and tailored by them individually. The entry to the ecosystem will be validated by NFTs produced and sold by RevolWave and held by the users who purchased them with REVOL tokens. The RevolWave platform will have a native token in order to capture the monetary gain of said NFTs. This allows artists to publish their music for a broader audience without the need to sign deals with record companies. The content creators will use this token to pay nominal fees to upload and stream their content. Creators will be compensated for any royalties earned through their content on the platform by way of the native REVOL token. RevolWave is a subscription-based music streaming service that involves providing NFT's for users. It provides a way for listeners, promoters, and artists to earn an income in a play-to-earn ecosystem where everyone's value is realized. Tokenized value is redistributed in a fair way to members of the ecosystem who are essential to its functionality. Payout methods such as royalties, tipping, and sharing services are essential to the ecosystem. RevolWave will work with the DAO to provide dapp services to implement any other utility and payout methods that the artist may want for their communities, and vice versa. (e.g. contest creators, giveaway generators, etc.) RevolWave and its partners provide a system which allows creators to derive income from their fan and promotor communities and can exponentially increase the intrinsic value with social media services that are tokenized. Community functionality is of utmost importance- the RevolWave team believes that concentrating on a system of user-derived value and services is all that is necessary to bring the music industry into a sustainable era.