Reincarnate NFTs designed as game development. Music designed as game sounds. Games designed by your personal touch. Introduction, intuition, and personalization. Reincarnate voice. First: it’s all about scarcity. Design an armor or a skin/weapon that has a version: either common or legendary. NFTs are scare by design, so make sure your characters have a few that are common (can be attained by a given number of individuals) and a rare weapon/shield/skin (can be attained by one individual). NFTs are either designed as available to a few or one individual. One skin can equal 22. Another, rarer, skin can be available to one. You can chose the amount per player. Here’s the way to look at it: do you want the legendary (only minted once) or the common (minted many times). You want a game that can be played with appeal and desire. You can auction the legendary. The legendary can take over the game as it is a forceful, incredible attriube. You have to make this attribute uncommon and desired. Also, a last resort. You can’t make every game to allow this legend as they will take over each game. You have to have this NFT have limitations. For example, a last resort NFT (you can use it only as a last resort when your character is about to die) or a legendary summon (you can use this as a sacrifice to your character to attempt to destroy yourself and the battlefield). The NFTs must be common (strength +1 or dense +1, etc) or legendary (destroy your character and win the game at the cost of your NFT) . There are many rarer versions or common, this is all dependent on how the game is played. Auctions for rarer cards determines your revenue as well as how the player can act in the game. AS everyone will want to win they’ll bid on these armors/weapons or attempt to win them in game.