Quantum Moon

QMM Price: $0.00 Market Cap: $0.00 06 August, 2021 #384 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0xa1710c2899d9e1bf21c6d040fb2b1370da1765fe

 Presale starts Aug 6th Features  Automatic burn of 3% per year  Worlds first Automatic lottery and distribution of 250k for space tickets  Unruggable after keys are burned Token Utility Worlds first charity validator  Dex for meme coins NFT’s for space education & charity  TX fees  3% liquidity  3% Automatic lottery  2% Team  2% Marketing  2% Static rewards  Supply  786 Trillion initial 51% Burned 385 Trillion remaining  Upcoming  Presale  Defi, NFT and meme coin  Audit completed and passed  White Paper Website-

Jason Fajardo 4 month(s) ago


Đức Đôc 4 month(s) ago

good project

Liams 4 month(s) ago

Like this project

Sabah Althrhany 4 month(s) ago

مرحبا اتمنا لكم التوفيق والنجاح في هاذا المشروع ..وشكرا

Nguyen Van Hanh 4 month(s) ago

New game very good,go to the moon

Duy Linh Pham Nguyen 4 month(s) ago

Good .... Nice project

Ngoc Minh 4 month(s) ago

Very good …..

M Mubarok Anugrah 4 month(s) ago

Very good sir🎉

Rama Fadillah 4 month(s) ago

great project on future

Spastokens 4 month(s) ago

212 LIKE it.

Bineesh Balan 4 month(s) ago

quantum moon is coming with an amazing concept. With the current buzz for meme coins ,the concept of a marketplace Launchpad which differentiates the best and genuine cryptos from the duds, will generate lot of trust ,taking into consideration the possible scams in meme coin niche.

Ramin 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Petrpavlis 4 month(s) ago

Hope in a great future for this coin!

Darren Chew 4 month(s) ago

Excellent project

Farid 4 month(s) ago

Good project

Samuel John 4 month(s) ago

Nice project