???? Welcome to $PUSSY - Pretty UnderSea StingraY | Fair Launching in 2 days (Saturday July 17th, 8PM UTC) ???? "Deep in the ocean of crypto, overfilled with whales, sharks, and somehow dogs, if you look closely and reach between a two-legged coral, you can find a Pretty Undersea Stingray. We're here to clean up the ocean of Crypto and rinse it from all the other species - hell we even have dogs now in it?!" And that's what we preach. The Pretty UnderSea StingraY is here to stay and completely overwhelm the community meme token space. How are we gonna do that you ask? Easy, 3 things: 1️⃣ We have a clear mission. Funny memes and jokes aside, we're having a clear and planned out roadmap that ultimately will lead to the result of us being the next big thing in the community meme token space and metaphorically take all the dogs on a walk because it seems so effortless. A well-planned marketing strategy, some even better-planned products, and the GTA 5 cheat code sheet will guarantee us to reign over everybody else 2️⃣ We actually serve a purpose. We've always been fascinated by the idea of a community-driven crypto currency. Moreover, we're fascinated by bridging it to multi-channeled products. With enough investors and buzz, we'll develop our own DEX called "Stingray Swap" and our own NFT platform where $PUSSY will serve as the only currency in usage. You see where this is going, right? 3️⃣ We're almost as funny as we're fair. From the jump, we'll make sure that you investing in our project is going to happen under the best and fairest circumstances possible. We'll lock our liquidity for 20 years and our ownership is going to be renounced right at launch.