Advertising brings in investors, but word-of-mouth brings in the best investors PooAds Promotions was created by OG Digital Advertising with AI technology specialists, now out to rule the world of BSC by dominating the pinnacle of shitcoin advertising platforms. PooAds Promotions is basically interpreted as Shitcoin Ads Promotions. Although we’ll be using and dominating the shit out of Poocoin ads as a platform, with our ads tax. Our purpose is much bigger than that, much bigger than Poocoin itself. Our purpose is closely aligned with advertising in general, shitcoin advertising in particular, PooAds Promotions is set to singlehandedly disrupt the entire shitcoin advertising landscape, by building tools and AI marketing strategies, led by expert Digital Advertising and AI specialists. Protocols such as PooPromo and PooPad are here to solve existential problems that prevail in the shitcoin landscape and also encourage further adoption and utility to $PooAds — the native token of the PooAds Promotions ecosystem