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17 June, 2021



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We've identified the key issues serious projects are facing at launch due to the increasing number of scam tokens: trust, reach and funds. PathFund aims to be a trusted launchpad which also sponsors the projects it launches with funds for marketing campaigns. Projects would be verified and audited thoroughly in order to ensure buyer's safety. Once a project passes all the verifications it would then get launched and receive funds from PathFund to ensure steady growth.

Due to PathFund's smart contract functions, the project will never face struggles in finding funds for investing in large marketing campaigns to support its mission or to sponsor the projects it will help launch securely.

Christian Poche

I love every second of my time here. Most amazing people and project out yet!!

Kiran Jintikar

It’s great project and future of Crypto

Sharp Tones

Great team, Great community!! Love the idea behind this project! cant wait for what the future has in store. $PATH

John Hoch

PathFund is an amazing project working to make Crypto investing safe from scams. Holding $PATH, gives you access to pre-audited projects at presale prices. BUY PATH