Market Cap
0.000000023 (-%)
Launch Date
20 May, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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The Memecoin with a Mission-to be the Unruggable Project. Founded by members of the #VeFam Vechain investing community, this coin was born out of Twitter user @vechain4lambo's favorite phrase, "Are we, like, Pampy?" when prices start to rise. This project went from Meme to Mission real fast when the founders of $PAMPY saw one-too-many friends and family member get rugged on memecoins they were invested in, so they resolved to form the Inner Circle and their leader, Don Pampy, created Pampy Coin. The founders went even further by forming an Limited Liability Company to further signal to the community that they would legally oblige themselves to ensuring that Pampy Coin would be a project that was community driven, Pamp Finance, LLC. 90% of the initial liquidity was locked via Unicrypt for 14 years, and 5% of every buy, sell, and send gets moved to a separate wallet that will be used to further fund development as well as be used for give backs to the community. The founders also formed a validator stake, PampX, that the rewards will be used to fund Buy Back and Burns of $PAMPY coin, thus continuously putting buy pressure on $PAMPY for $PAMPY holders! $PAMPY is all about the good vibes of the meme community-at-large while emphasizing legitimacy, trust and comfortability. We of Pamp Finance, LLC. truly hope that when you join the $PAMPY community, you understand that you are joining a group that's here to share good vibes with you while encouraging a place to meme away like the Internet intended! We're all feeling a little $PAMPY, and SO CAN YOU!