Ninja Panda Inu

$NPI Price: $0 Market Cap: $0 24 August, 2021 #1 of Votes

Ninja Panda Inu is a revolutionary token with exclusive features which will actually allow to control the dips, the whales and provide great rewards to its holders. Transparent token with every function hard-coded (locked)!

- Advanced Anti-Dip Token Lock system
This system is created to confuse trading bots and to keep away pump and dump whales. For the first 7 days after the launch on PancakeSwap it will be possible to sell just a portion of the tokens which will gradually increase every day.

- High redistribution rate 10%
Automaticaly redistribuited to all holders on every buy and sell.

- Smallest dev wallet you will ever see
1% to the team, 1% for marketing, 1.5% for airdrops

- Tax 5% for BuyBack / Marketing / Charity
2.5% for BuyBack - 2% marketing - 0.5 Charity

- Locked Liquidity
Entire liquidity is locked for 99 years

- Total Suply
100 000 000 000 NPI

Let's get some bamboo plants to this beautiful endangered animal.