Market Cap
0.001156011 (-%)
Launch Date
24 November, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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A safe token which will land on the moon. NextDoge is based on the hype of Doge coin which start with low LP and goes to the moon. LP 25% of the LP is locked for the community. You can hold it, you can buy it, you can sell it. It is our token. ABOUT NEXTDOGE NextDoge is the token what we love what belongs to the community and NextDoge is a decentralized token and available on Pancakeswap for trading. As per the development team journey in the crypto space they were scammed, cheated and lied to them. They was working hard to find the best and efficient solution which will belongs to us. 🔐 Mudra Locked Liquidity for 15 months!🔐 🤝BEP20, Poocoin, Dextools, Metamask, TrustWallet Compliant 👉Verified Source Code👈 We are here to bring in trust, stability and safety. Never the less the coin has only 10K of coins and since we have started low that will force the price in higher and higher level once we are investing. Just think on Bitcoin since the Circulating Supply is close the Total Supply the price it goes to never seen all times highs in the past months. We will reach new and new floors, new all time high. Let's do it let it be a safe and good project. Let's start this journey toghter. NextDoge (NXTDOGE)🚀🌑 This will be the next Doge coin. Invest in time and win. —— TOKENOMICS: 0% Transaction fee 10k Total Supply 25% Locked Liquidity Pool 10% Marketing Fund 10% Dev Fund —— 🚀Stage 0 project! 🔐 Mudra Locked Liquidity for 15 months!🔐 📃Contract Address: 0xf3fc43142da3ab625587b130d435311c54dd1a79 🤝BEP20, Poocoin, Dextools, Metamask, TrustWallet Compliant 👉Verified Source Code👈 📈Poocoin Charts -> 📈Dextools Charts -> 👉Telegram Group -> @TheNextDoge ✍️Website ->