NEWDOGE Price: $0.000000000180136 Market Cap: $180903 11 May, 2021 #745 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x94618ffb2153d4a52ce1e8d00e72de676576bd6a

NEWDOGE has one purpose. To be the currency chosen by the people for the future of the people. Our mission is to build the coolest community on the planet, get listed on every exchange and become the worlds most popular currency. We can make this happen. The DOGE family has already shown the world what we are capable of. Now is the time we take this to the next level. Whatever we decide to do as a community we will do moving forward. The future of the NEWDOGE ecosystem will contain a suite of integrations currently in development including an NFT Marketplace, an online merchandise shop and our very own SWAP exchange with the NEWDOGE Token at the center of it all. We are a 100% community driven project with a truly fair launch. If you would like to be a moderator or admin just reach out to us on Telegram or by email. To keep this as fair as possible; no one will ever be able to mine NEWDOGE giving them the advantage to stack bags. We will be THE CURRENCY OF THE FUTURE chosen by the people.

Claudia Hernandez 5 month(s) ago

Misión Cumplida!

Alex 5 month(s) ago


Kavita Sharma 5 month(s) ago

Excellent project, i Like NewDoge Coin

Dathao3168 5 month(s) ago

good job ????????????????

Rahaengineer 5 month(s) ago

Its perfect project

Zohre Ghorbany 5 month(s) ago