PUMP Price: $0.0017413120678800 Market Cap: $1,702,496 10 June, 2021 #4 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x5610bf2bf5abe5750bdbce311631dee2afa2cd24

MoonPump is using its native utility token $PUMP to build a category-defining cross-chain IDO platform, PUMPlaunch. The IDO platform tailors to the specific needs of each individual project launched, but PUMP fills in the current market gap by connecting more investors to each project it launches. PUMPlaunch provides full bespoke service from start to finish for every launch while providing all PUMP holders, regardless of allocation, access to incredible crypto projects.

PUMPlaunch invites all holders to participate without minimum buy-ins or restrictions. As long as the user holds PUMP, they can access an allocation of every project on PUMPlaunch. This community driven platform excludes no one and provides unbiased access to tokens before they moon.

In addition to IDO accessibility, PUMP holders receive ecosystem privileges such as first access, voting rights, staking rewards, and an allocation of project tokens.