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MiniAkita AutoBoost function is built mathematically to do variable buybacks which adjust based on volume in order to maintain stability. AutoBoost will vary based on the transactions over the past 24 hours which will continue to adjust based on the volume. AutoBoost will buy back variable amounts every time a sale occurs with MiniAkita token. This is a one of a kind function which is more powerful than just a standard buyback token.

Limvis 5 month(s) ago

Хочу заработать

Nguyen Xuan Thuc 5 month(s) ago

Dự án tiềm năng

Sikander Ali 5 month(s) ago

Go to the moon

Md Naim 5 month(s) ago

great project

Dwizahro 5 month(s) ago

Very good project

Naman 5 month(s) ago

I believe this is a faithful project.The projector has a lot of attractions so hopefully the project will be better in the future and will be the best????

Mir Arif Hasan Jani 5 month(s) ago

Good project

Pramod Kumar 5 month(s) ago

#Awesome Mini Akita