Market Cap
- (-%)
Launch Date
17 September, 2021
Telegram Share (🚀BOOST)

Mini Thunder is going live on the 17th of September, devs have been working for months to line everything perfectly up for launch and are constantly on Video in the VC.

Devs have been holding video calls in the Telegram group daily and the plan is for them to be on video as much as they possibly can. Alot of huge marketing is already planned and paid for that goes live before launch and onwards so try your luck at getting in the pre-sale before Mini Thunder takes off! 

At launch, Vaults of Valhalla goes live which will be a casino eco-system with loads of different games meant for betting, huge jackpots and gains await!

They also have a unique NFT lottery for loyal holders, every time they get an additional 1000 holders, a random holder will be airdropped a random exclusive NFT.