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18 December, 2021
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Polygon Network Contract Address: 0xcdc671b28AFd4E9cF19CC4BD82eD5237aC1F8B95 Gateway To Metaverse Our World is advancing fast and so is human civilization. People and Society are kept in a digital world due to pandemic. This is the age of digital, an era to innovate and build the next future. It is a matter of time to adapt but this is the day to make the move. Metavorz is a metaphor of digitalization and physicality, conjoined together to build a new kind of Universe and Existence. An idea about building the next era of technology use-case by utilizing the power of Blockchain, A.I, AR, VR, Crypto, NFT, and Quantum Computing, etc.. Today we are building the future of metaverse as one people, co-founding the idea of Metavorz. It is the time to practice semi-decentralization for us to mass-adapt for the advancement of the Cosmos, while readying the axentralised system. Join the META ARMY! Metapaper Contact [email protected]