Market Cap
0.000275952 ↓ (-5.28%)
Launch Date
10 June, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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Simple. There is a huge demand for such projects, like gambling. People are looking for HIGH RISK/ HIGH REWARD new projects to invest in. Why don't we host them under one hood?

The volume generated by trading MEME-themed tokens is fantastic, more than $1.3+ BILLION volume in just 24h. MEMEX holders and Liquidity Providers will benefit fully out of fees generated by our DEX.

Most meme tokens are getting lost in an ocean of others that pop out daily right after listing and lack exposure.

Memex will fix all of these problems with its first fully multichain decentralized meme-oriented DEX and its ecosystem around memes.

Besides Automated market-making DEX, Farming ,and Staking, we are building an entire MEMARKETCAP.COM and offer multiple ways to increase any project exposure using special MEMEX advertising tools!