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08 August, 2021



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Binance Smart Chain: 0x015a6dbe9d330b98f5b1784c5b733bbbaca736d6

Lokidoge. Inspired by the underdog Loki in Norse mythology, we created Lokidoge, ready to face any challenges that might come our way, as we embark on attaining a mythological status in the crypto world, just like Loki did. Lokidoge strives to create an Epic and Inclusive ecosystem of NFTs (link) through the Binance Smart Chain (link) as our distributed ledger. LokiDoge is a Defi token that rewards holders every 60 minutes with Dividends in USDT via an automated Airdrop mechanism. Rewards are generated through each transaction and distributed to all holders. The team focuses on longevity for the ecosystem, by encouraging owners of LokiDoge tokens to participate in decision making on the network.