Lmoose Price: $0.000000000000000000041 Market Cap: $410,541 10 June, 2021 #136 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x17d8c396a55d6c1c2130efc23f4936b56860df9c

Littlemoose (LMOOSE) is a community token built on the BSC (BEP-20) chain. We plan to make LMOOSE strong through engagement, promotion and various technology applications and use cases to support. 

Our mission is to create a product ecosystem on the blockchain that impresses and attract participation of many from around the globe. We also have a heart for the poor, to support and help out people in need. 

The token auto reward users just by holding, earning passive income easily. For each transaction, 6% auto-reward is redistributed to both burn and wallet addresses, 4% auto-burn to burn address. With plans to create useful applications, game, NFT, use as payment token (including payment tip to certain service staff) which can be followed through in our roadmap.

Lmoose team