GYPSYCOIN Price: $0.0000175073170365 Market Cap: $17,507,317 31 July, 2021 #8 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0xf0f12eb15ba29362d101fa6e57bbdd708f4043e7

Global Solutions Through Blockchain Digital Finance, Community Driven & Charity Oriented. The Gypsycoin Finance Project offers finance, education & development solutions worldwide. The $GYPSYCOIN project is an ecosystem designed to support the development of Roma communities. This ecosystem involves a trading and charity system with a focus on facilitating education among Roma communities. The basic principles of this project are: transparency, honesty and collective spirit. The focus on the community and its needs is the basis of our organization, which requires a high degree of involvement from community members. The $GYPSYCOIN token has multiple utilities: community trading currency, funding of educational projects, long-term financial investment, charity funding & payments. The $GYPSYCOIN project is unique and is the only crypto project that focuses on solving the difficulties of the Roma community, by creating a digital ecosystem as a help mechanism.