Griffin Art

GART Price: $0 Market Cap: $0 22 July, 2021 #10 of Votes

GriffinArt is a next-generation, automated, decentralized and the newest marketplace for creators/artists and collectors. GriffinArt is supported by a strong, transparent, reliable and deflationist token($GART). Designed to reduce obstacles for young and promising talents. Our vision is an easy user interface, accessible to the users, creators, and collectors. The users can build their collections or purchase NFTs directly from other users on Griffin Art marketplace with very low fees. Griffin Art's buyback mechanism exists to raise the price all the time. NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO SEE 2 SELLS IN A ROW. BOTS CANNOT STOP THIS BUYBACK MECHANISM because the contract of GART has been coded to prevent all dangerous bots for the price. Join our telegram channel before the moon! -Tokenomics: Total supply: %33 PreSale = %26 Pancakeswap Liqudity (Locked at least 1 year) = %10 Private Sale = %4 Team (Locked for 6 months, unlock 1/6 every month) = %2 Sub-Team (Locked for 6 months, unlock 1/6 every month) = %6 Marketing = %5 Project Development = %9 Exchange (CEX) Liqudity = %5 Strategic Partnerships = PRESALE HARD CAP: 2000 BNB PRESALE SOFT CAP: 1000 BNB