$GODTOKEN Price: $0.0000000000261465 Market Cap: $26,146 15 June, 2021 #5 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x92187f9E97C2c923E8dE15BFB04a8413bd786b87

We are just like you. We’ve invested in different crypto projects before, some ended up being rugged and others went no where to what the developers promised. We decided to make this crypto coin to help the buyers gain profits while donating to any charity of their choice with the tip of their finger. Once a month we’ll create polls for everyone to choose what charity they want to donate to. After everything is locked in and accounted for we’ll make the donations and send proof of our transactions where all our members can see. We got really sore-eyed from seeing all these coins supporting only one issue. The advantage we’ll have is being a diverse community that wants to do good for our communities across the globe.

NOTE: Make sure to add liquidity (GODTOKEN/BNB) before purchasing. Thank you!