GSB Price: $0.000000034 Market Cap: $47,442 26 June, 2021 #6 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0x0c467A39cb8b8374E298D7CA8f53CaB6DEc59D2e

GalacticSpaceBucks is the new intergalactic space currency! Holding GSB will earn you more GSB and you don't have to lift a finger from your throttle while you shoot for the stars.

6% of each and every transaction is distributed among all GSB holders. Just hold the GSB in your wallets and you will see the amount rising as more people will buy tokens. Buy and hold is the best strategy.

6% of every transaction is automatically locked in the liquidity pool. Adding tokens to the liquidity pool means lower volatility and will contribute to increasing the price of GSB.