Market Cap
0.000000014 (-%)
Launch Date
26 September, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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One of the newest and most attractive cryptocurrencies with proprietary, hyper-deflationary and burn tokenomics on every transaction that will rock your world! Flo-CAKE is a Cake reflection token that comes with an antidump and antiwhale system, so that holders and investors can enjoy earning generous Cake reflections. We are a team designed to work for you and lay the foundation for generational wealth. Our long term collaborations with influencers and other relevant projects in the space means that we, the team, are at one with our community in achieving financial freedom and a healthy long term project. The team is composed with passionate and experienced people. We, at Flo-CAKE, are looking forward to working with you with professionalism, and extend our passion in this fail-safe mission to turn our Floki eating CAKE parabolic. This token is led by a team of developers and marketing professionals aiming to re-create the reward system which gives back investors for holding tokens while also incorporating the BuyBack approach currently present in the stock market. The Goal of Flo-CAKE team is to provide a safe place to trade your valuable crypto while remaining decentralized. We are loyal to our holders. And that give us the means to grow exponentially, We will constantly scale this Ecosystem so it may bring ever increasing interested parties to the FCAKE’s Platform. Our unique tokenomics, solid design, technical implementation, and the viral growth from our good ‘ole fashion memes, will reinforce the platform’s strength and ultimately provide residual benefits to the Ecosystem. We aim to create partnerships with exchanges and platforms that support the development of start-up crypto currencies in the DeFi space.