FIESTA Price: $0.000000730141 Market Cap: $794931 12 June, 2021 #1687 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0xd66d1AE7714F37bb1eed02ea290830C06B75b8Fd

The first token ever created for the events industry. FiestaCoin technology will be used for cruise ships, small and large events,resorts, adventure parks but also in many other situations. The #CASHLESS revolution starts today.

Mrjaxon 6 month(s) ago

This is a project you want to be apart of. Very active and accessible team all the way up to the CEO. Excellent use case. Excellent potential to be a major player in the crypto space and beyond.

Crazybex 6 month(s) ago

Great project! Creative website! Transparent team that can answer any questions! All hands on the deck! 100% support from ???????? ????????????

Doe Joe 6 month(s) ago

Unique project! One of the best partners you ever get. All DOXXED!

Andrei 6 month(s) ago

It is a very beautiful project! I believed and I believe in him.

Moldoveanu Catalin 6 month(s) ago

A very nice project !