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DUXDOGE We proudly welcome you all to become a part of our mission! We aim to provide you with a platform that unites all of the highly lucrative tokens that are not yet available on your traditional exchanges! Allowing you to capitalise on those opportunities while they are still attractive! To do that, we welcome you all to the future of crypto exchanges & our very own bridge Duxswap! That combines all types of swaps into one platform! Our platform employs a token called DuxDogecoin, which is the default currency of our platform. Our token is programmed with a smart buyback ability and is highly deflationary in nature! As 3% of the entire commission is burned on every transaction & our smart buyback feature, which is an autoboost to automatically buyback a portion of tokens when you buy or sell, will increase your holdings and further deflate the supply! These aspects make the token an excellent investment on its own! As the supply is dumped, while your holding is pumped! Moreover, that is not all; we care about the community and our corporate social responsibility. As citizens of this global community, we aim to give back to the community, and 1% of our entire profits will be distributed to charities around the globe. We will be launching our Airdrops, Giveaway, and Presale real soon! So stay tuned and view our roadmap for up-to-date information!