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Launch Date
24 November, 2021
BNB Smart Chain(BEP-20)
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🚀DOGEKILLER ($DOGEKILLER) is a cryptocurrency with a 2D game in progress and unique tokenomics to enhance its development. Each holder will be part of our prize game where prices are given at different prices by randomly selected holders.

Each character in the game after completing several missions will be equipped with his digital NFT character, and based on the rank will have the opportunity to do certain things within the game. They will also have the opportunity to play several players together where they can help each other with their wealth and make teamplay

And it is worth mentioning that players who are at the top of the rankings will have discounts on in-game items and various bonuses.

We strongly believe that this dedicated project will work and will be one of the things that will find use and change the future!.🚀

🔥DogeKiller marketing strategy is one of the most advanced ones!