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18 January, 2022
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D-ID is the best candidate to become the de-facto standard solution for document fraud. The service utlilises generic and trusted principles to enable validation and verification for any digital file, of any publisher. This is possible thanks to the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain. One of the downsides of the digitalization of society is the difficulty in combating fraud with digital files. More than 10,000 criminal cases is affected by forensic data manipulation. D-ID is a service that uses blockchain technology to make fraud with digital files impossible. D-ID users can be divided into two groups: creators and receivers. Once a creator registers a file in D-ID, this file’s authenticity can then be verified by the recipient. D-ID’s validation process guarantees that the person registering the file actually represents the organization issuing the file. D-ID does not save a copy of a validated file and therefore easily complies with the GDPR guidelines. The recipient of the file can verify the authenticity and content of the file by entering it into the verification terminal at our website. Once the file is verified, D-ID generates a report of the verification. An OIC (Origin Information Certificate) is offered in PDF format. This certificate contains all the details about the issuing party, the file itself and all blockchain data such as timestamp and proof of existence. Validation can take place in two ways: validation by a certified D-ID employee and selfvalidation. The usecase we are discovering at the moment involve the following filetypes: Diplomas and certificates Reports Inspection certificates Due diligence trails Legal documents Audit trails Tracking data Goods documentation Logistic documents Video footage Photo material Find the Whitepaper on our website for more information! :)