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Launch Date
03 October, 2021
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Decentra-lotto is a decentralised cryptocurrency lottery and De-Fi staking platform that works in symbiosis. More on how this works later.
$DELO is the deflationary Binance Smart Chain token underpinning the Decentra-Lotto platform.

The DELO token incorporates burn and automatic liquidity mechanics on every transaction making the token attractive to larger investors, as well as reflection yield to reward holders passively for holding the DELO token. There is a symbiosis between the token and the lottery as every transaction increases the lottery pot, and ticket sales result in DELO token transactions. Win! Win!

1% of every transaction is burned.
8% goes to the Decentra-lotto jackpot.
1% is reflected back to DELO holders as rewards for holding.
3% goes to marketing and platform development.

The roadmap is crazy for this project with ticket gifting, lotto syndicates, NFT draws, a wallet, fiat payments and more...