CO2 Price: $1.3923210027767796 Market Cap: $64,615 15 February, 2021 #35 of Votes
Binance Smart Chain: 0xc2f9F26feA148c196557Aa7440Cd25945f87cdea
Ethereum: 0x75739d5944534115d7c54ee8c73f186d793bae02

We are THE COLLECTIVE. A community centred organization focused on returning power to the hands of the people through multiple blockchain based initiatives

Veronica 4 month(s) ago

Joining! ????????

Dulo Wegner 4 month(s) ago

The team is awesome, everyday with a positive surprise ????

Gadithomason 4 month(s) ago

CO2 is holding tight and already trending in CMC

Gadithomason 4 month(s) ago

#CO2 the hidden gem is here ????????

Ajay Kumar 4 month(s) ago

Really great project, growing fast ????????????

David Oke 4 month(s) ago

CO2 is a top project.

Saheed Adebayo 4 month(s) ago

Best in game ????????

The Keeper 4 month(s) ago

Yeah with what this trend on CMC even though their CoinRushgo game is still in the testing mode ,I think CO2 will achieve more than this when they fully Rollout CoinRushgo

Veronica 4 month(s) ago

CO2 has just begun! To the moon! ????????????

Mifoha 4 month(s) ago

CO2 is trending on CMC y'all check it

Rose Den 4 month(s) ago

The party has just begun????????