Cointoplist Token
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17 May, 2022



of Votes as our new token, we are announcing our new Cointoplist Token (CTL). Cointoplist Token (CTL) is a project on the BSC network that has great advantages for both visitors to our site and project owners. CTL token, which promises a great development and rise in 2022, aims to provide a more accessible and developable token to the entire community. You will be able to earn CTL tokens with the points collected from the spin section on our website before launch. After the launch, many new events and systems will come. Investors who want to buy ADS for their projects will receive discounts and gifts when they make their payments with the CTL token. Cointoplist, which will soon enter into partnership agreements and its mobile application will be coming, is continuing its journey to the moon with incredible projects and events with confident steps. The main goal of our company, which has earned many visitors so far and has collaborated with many projects, is to create a large deflationary crypto currency habitat that everyone can earn.