CDX Price: $0.0000000000173771 Market Cap: $17,377 09 June, 2021 #18 of Votes
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"Not another Meme-Token!" That's one of the things our team heard most in the development process. We can't deny that our hero, Nakano Takeko has some meme-potential. But, we see that as a nice bonus for us ninja fans. Codex was developed to be a trustworthy financial tool for everyone in the crypto-community. From day one transparency has been our priority. Our mission is to connect people, making wealth for our investors and delivering a strong platform driven by the enthusiasm of our Community and create some kick-ass content; including an RPG game... Hard Facts/Tokenomics There were Codex as it's stated in the old books. During the big feud all traitors where killed - only the half remained. This event is remembered as the "Big Burn". Total supply: 50 % Token Burn: 500. 11 % Anti-Whale System: - 5 % fee = redistributed to all existing holders - 5 % fee = back to the LP - 1 % fee = burned forever - doxxed Dev Team - frequently Zoom face to face AMA´s